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We offer a safe, welcoming girl-only space for girls and young women to try new things, help other people and discover their passions and talents. All while having fun with a group of ready-made friends!

We're dedicated to girls leading the way - they choose activities, challenges and events that inspire them, and our volunteers support them to make it happen. Because girls shape and lead everything we do, we know that we're offering the best opportunities and experiences for girls today.

We're always updating and adapting our programme and resources so that they're relevant to girls today. For example, girls told us they wanted to talk about mental health, so we created Think Resilient - a resource delivered by our specially-trained Peer Educators to help build girls' resilience and wellbeing. Guiding is also excellent value for money and we have a range of support available to enable all girls – regardless of ability or financial circumstance – to get involved with guiding.
Vicki Kirby
0800 999 2016
Cleath, Church Lane, Wexham