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The Dash Charity

The Dash Charity is a local, independent charity. We support women, children and men suffering any kind of abuse from partners, ex partners or family members. We offer confidential practical and professional advice at any stage of abuse.

We are a small charity passionate about making a difference to those who desperately need our help.

We can provide multiagency training on all aspects of domestic abuse. Our training programmes are bespoke to the size and nature of your organisation. The Dash Charity have been established for over 40 years & have a wealth of experience providing safehouse help, support & advocacy services to both adults & children experiencing domestic abuse. The Dash Charity are recognised both locally & nationally, having won numerous awards including Inspiring Communicator at Charity Comms 2014. With 1.9million people in the UK experiencing domestic abuse year on year, The Dash Charity are committed to educating professionals & public using real-life case studies, videos and thought provoking interactive exercises, so please get in touch if you would like to find out more.
Caron Kipping
01753 549865
The Dash Charity