The Slough Volunteering Capacity Toolkit

The following files and guides are designed to make it easier for groups to build volunteering capacity by providing them with a range to forms, templates and guides. Click on the title of each guide to download it.

Data Protection
Data Protect and how it affects volunteering

Health and Safety
Ensuring good Health & Safety Practice

Volunteer Appreciation
Ensuring that volunteers are recognised for the work they do

Induction Checklist
A sample checklist for Volunteer inductions

Volunteer Recruitment
A flowchart showing the recruitment process

Sample Volunteer Policy
A quick example volunteer policy to get you started

Role Descriptions
How to write a good volunteer role description

Sample Application Form
A sample application form for volunteers

Induction Process
A guide to the recruitment and selection process for volunteers

Recruiting Tips
Tips for recruiting volunteers

Volunteer Agreement
A sample volunteer agreement form

Volunteer Handbook
A sample volunteer handbook